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Grand Canyon Village Facts: Things to do, Elevation, Location

The main attraction of Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon Village. This is a historic village if you want to experience the true beauty of nature, then you must visit this village. Since 2000 years residents of the village call this area “the 13.4 square mile village home”. But in this US it’s not a “village” at all officially. Yet Grand Canyon Village is a “census-designated place”, according to the census bureau in the US.

Grand Canyon Village History

This village has many historic buildings, national landmarks and local business attention. It is the largest park service town in the Grand Canyon National Park and not a just hot spot for curious adventures. The Grand Canyon Village is one of the world’s popular impressive geological marvels place in the US. It has some eye-catching sights to make your trip to the Grand Canyon even more memorable. This district includes numerous structures of the park and the village consists of all the historical center nipples. Most of the park’s structures have national historical landmarks.

The village is one of the largest examples of park services in urban planning, designed by the National Parks Service. Architect Mary E. J. Colter designed about half of the buildings in the district. All of these designs are included Hopi House, Bright Angel, and Lookout Studio. There is also included Train Depot, El Tovar, The Buckey O’Neill Cabin and The Red Hore Cabin.

Although this Grand Canyon Village is not officially a village, it still has most of the iconic buildings and structures. There are so many that are called the National History Landmark District. When you visit the Grand Canyon Village you should not miss this place, check out this list and read Grand Canyon Tour guideline:

  • Hopi House
  • Bright Angel Lodge
  • El Tovar Hotel
  • Kolb Studio
  • Lookout Studio

Elevation Information

Elevation2,074 m
Area34.71 km²
Population2,239 (2019)
Area code928
Weather-5°C, Wind N at 8 km/h, 42% Humidity
Local timeSunday 8:56 AM

Grand Canyon Village Location & Map, Arizona 86023

Coconino is a province of America. This Grand Canyon Village in Arizona, USA is located in the country of Coconino. It also located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Its population is comparatively much less. The population was in 2004 at the 2010 census, a much lower number.

Grand Canyon Village Things to Do

Hopi House:

The Hopi House is build in 1904. Early 20th century this Hopi House is one of the buildings designed by the architect E. J. Mary Colter. We know that this Hopi House high-quality Native American crafts for retail outpost and gallery. This Hopi house gallery included jewelry, baskets, rugs, and kachinas. For many visitors, this Hopi House was their first experience with Native American architecture and culture. It’s open daily.

Bright Angel Lodge:

Bright Angel Lodge was first designed for overnight stays at the Grand Canyon. This accommodation designed by Mary E.J. Colter for visitors. Bright Angel Lodge’s historic and rustic lodge is a part of the National Park Landmark and builds in 1935. It is graceful but more affordable than the elegant El Tovar Lodge. Bright Angel Lodge consisting of several cabins. This lodge with restaurants and accommodations operated by the famous Fred Harvey Company.

Included also O’Neill Cabin and the Red House Cabin. This Lodge restaurant most famous for its family style. At the present time, the lodge is enjoying a unique touristy part of the Grand Canyon National Park history. The lodge and Cabins are always available to book their first travel vacation. This lodge also still presents an exhibit on the history of Fred Harvey. The Bright Angel is located at the top of Trail Head. You can book up a room and cabins a year in advance.

El Tovar Hotel:

In 1905 this El Tovar hotel is built. It is the famous landmark for the South Rim. El Tovar Hotel was to start with owned and operated by the conjunction of Grand Canyon. This hotel housed great important person these are Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, author Zane Grey, President Bill Clinton and Paul McCartney. Built El Tovar as a “destination resort” with these companies Whittlesey, the Santa Fe Railway, and the Fred Harvey Company of hoteliers. They are hoped that this hotel provides comfort and luxury on the edge of the US. You can also be booking here room and cabins a year in advance like Bright Angel Lodge.

Kolb Studio:

Kolbo Studio is originally built in 1904. It is located at the head of the Bright Angel Trail. Canyon photographers, adventurers Ellsworth and Emery Kolb was the owner of the Kolb Studio. Actually, this studio was theirs home and photographic studio. The Kolbo Studio was Grand Canyon’s primary commercial business. This rustic domicile has some photos of tourists venturing for sale. And also includes a bookstore and art gallery with a special Kolb exhibit. Ellsworth and Emery Kolb were photographers of the Grand Canyon. Kolbo Studio is open daily, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the summer season.

Lookout Studio:

The Lookout Studio build in 1914. This studio famous for an observation point and gift shop. Also, the studio sells photography prints, rock specimens and books.

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